Australian Institute of Fitness

The Australian Institute of Fitness was embarking on a re-branding transformation whilst also entering the Perth market for the first time. Until recently, their business had comprised of a number of separately operating businesses before they grouped together as a collective named Australian Institute of Fitness. This merge created helped business accelerate but its visual identity and overall service promise were lagging behind. Evoke worked closely with the client and Brandcourage (the brand consultant) to visualize how the new Australian Institute of Fitness image should be conveyed both graphically and within their built environment.

Visual presence was a considerable factor, driving their business to well deserved success. However, when pre-empting the evolution of the business in the short to medium term and how best to design their premises, our client was unable to answer. Focus had to be employed on designing a future for their business so we could follow this lead into a design of function and style. We were to interpret the style in the built environment which would manifest in the fitout and a style guide for future campuses. Youthful, energetic and funky were important themes we would base our design on to appeal to the students of the institute. Using a combination of fresh and natural finishes offset against invigorating bold signature colours and used resilient textures, Evoke...
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