Evoke Interior Design

Practice what you preach

It's not every day that an interior design firm designs its own office so when they do it better be good!

At just 62 square metres, we needed to accommodate staff, amenity facilities, print and copy station, meeting and workshop space and our sample library. We knew the task ahead would test our innovative thinking and we would have to push the boundaries of conventional design, but we were up for the challenge!

We didn't want our space to conform to one style genre, we wanted an eclectic style, blending the best from residential, hospitality and hard corporate.

First impressions are a powerful thing and as you enter our premises your eyes are immediately drawn to an exquisite hand-made feature wall. The feature looks over our multipurpose conference and workshop, which is bracketed by our print and copy station and amenities on one side, and our sample library on the other. These facilities are cleverly hidden behind gauze metallic curtains to achieve an immaculate environment.

Our office showcases that efficient use of space can be turned into the most invigorating environment. We fundamentally believe that we practice what we preach and that a working environment must be a comfortable one and appropriate of today's requirements.