Landgate Midland Services Hall

Evoke have enjoyed a long standing relationship with this client. A sizeable organisation with a 26,000Sqm headquarters office located in Midland which accommodates a staff cohort of around 1000 personnel. Initially our work comprised assisting the client to develop a space and facility management protocol. Although the design of the premises 15 years earlier had been highly appropriate for the needs of the workforce then, it was falling well short of today's requirements. In our studies with the client it became evident that their premises had become a disincentive to attracting post-graduate land specialists. With a then average age for Landgate staff of >45 years old, it was acknowledged that an increasing tendency toward retirement age made attracting and employing younger staff a critical factor in all future strategies.

When the organisation changed names from DOLA to Landgate, the ensuing re-branding of the organisation presented the client with an opportunity to uplift the built environment; improving both the contemporaneousness of the accommodation and its relevance to the new brand

Our Approach
A new Landgate branded customer services centre and a facility-rich back of house environment was to be created with elegant curves contrasted with mechanical fittings and vivid colour finishes. Shape, texture, pattern and colour were influenced by the natural environment.

By incorporating...
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