Landgate Perth Branch office

If you have made your way down St Georges Terrace recently, you will have noticed the new Landgate Perth Branch office making its presence felt.

Evoke had previously completed the Landgate Midland Customer services hall in early 2007 which reinforced the launching of their new public face. Evoke and Landgate's ongoing relationship assisted with the understanding of Landgate's core values and how they were to be presented through the overall Perth Branch Office fitout.

We took a consultative approach with key end-user staff, senior management and suppliers to create an environment that resembled Landgate Midland customer services hall but also had a definitive edge. The design contrasted smooth sweeping curves with mechanical fittings, vibrant finishes and contemporary custom-built furniture which would create a visually stimulating environment for staff and customers. Influences were drawn from the natural environment in terms of graphical reproduction and material selection based on shape, texture pattern and colour.

Given the relatively small space available, it was difficult to collocate the multiple customer service departments to work productively side by side. Evoke also wanted to maximise these customer/staff interface point's efficiency whilst also creating a visually stimulating environment. With St Georges Tce being a significant central hub for business' it was a challenge to assert Landgate's external presence on the terrace and to create a...
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