Evoke has been working with Lotterywest for over 15 years now on projects such as the progressive refurbishment of their Osborne Park head offices, the building & development of their retail outlet brand identity and most recently the refurbishment of their corporate 'Our Place' Boardroom facility .

The existing boardroom facility was very dated and needed to be updated to not only reflect the brand attributes of the new Lotterywest brand identity but to also create a fresh and stimulating atmosphere for staff and clients.

As this space would be the corporate meeting face of Lotterywest the colour palette implemented draws on the brand colours which are based on the West Australian landscape. The feature timber veneer used as a highlight around the space was specified from environmentally sustainable plantation which is in keeping with Lotterywest's strong environmental message.

As this was the key meeting environment for Lotterywest the brief highlighted that the refurbished boardroom facility would need to service the needs of both staff and corporate visitors.

It was important that the space could be easily adapted to service multiple settings such as the traditional corporate boardroom setting, small internal staff meetings and lecture and training settings aswell as function as cocktail and entertaining area.

The key to making all these...
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