Ministerial Offices

Accompanying ministerial fitouts is a high degree of sensitivity to external criticism. Whilst producing a value for money fitout Evoke was also able to add layers of sophistication to the environment. Evident via the astute selection of a bold palette of classically inspired fabrics, rich timber finishes and deeply toned paint colours. The outcome was the realization of a look of prestige & class.

These Ministerial office fitouts are essentially based on an anachronistic planning methodology, layout planning is desired to be enclosed office based with these offices located on the external perimeter of the building. Within this basis, however, is the opportunity for maximising standardisation both in planning, in construction methodology and in approaches to furnishing.

Thus utmost attention was paid to the public areas where maximum impact would be made upon the visitors to the space. Careful consideration was given to acoustic treatments in these areas. Decorative padded wall panelling & customized artwork was installed to not only
act functionally via the absorption of sound but to also dress the rooms adding layers of colour & texture to otherwise large expanses of flat wall.

Previously, it had long been the trend to acknowledge the status of a Ministerial office by using more elegant finishes for the Minister's office, reception and conference...
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