Ophir Energy

When Ophir Energy decided to relocate into new premises in the sort after Nova building in Subiaco. Evoke came on board to assist them with making alterations to the existing fitout they were inheriting so that it would better to suite their needs.

Upon inspection it was noted that the existing fitout no longer complied with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) once these issues were dealt within the board re-planning stage attention was then focused to making the space for the individual function.
Having come from a very conventional and basic workstation environment the client desired a more resolved system to cater to their working style. The result being a new workstation system which would service the client's need for layout space for large scale plans and maps. This function could now be performed on adjacent island benches which became not only an area to review plans & maps but also an area for staff to collaborate around and converse in discussion.
As Ophir are a high technology based company each workstation was designed to accommodate multiple computer screens, magnetic whiteboards and storage facilities to enable staff to work in an uncluttered manner with utmost efficiency.

Having developed the customized workstation module Evoke designed a bespoke blade system which had two intentions. The first was to create a clean and resolved method...
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