Tottle Partners

Evoke and Tottle Partner Lawyers' relationship dates back to 1996 when the firm was first founded. Some three projects later, our client aspired for a move to the renowned BankWest tower. This move provided a suitable opportunity to bring the firm together on a single floor, where previously the firm was spread over different floors with their growing number of staff. Our client wished to advertise the prestige, depth and breadth of their partnership to a more sophisticated client. Tottle's intention was to reinforce their position as a leading Perth law firm through the fit out particularly on those areas visible to clients and to the public.

Our client sought to reutilize wherever possible left in-situ by the previous tenant. Areas in which they wanted to present themselves to clients such as the reception area and the client meeting rooms were to be entirely new. With strong timbers that contrasted with stark white surfaces and features and inspirational flashes of orange, the reception area was used as a focal point to create a strong first impression. Using ambient lighting and a modern approach towards presentation of volumes of law text, the Evoke team created a sophisticated yet restrained interior.