Willagee Licensing Centre

When the neighboring tenancy of the existing Willagee Licensing Centre became available the Department of Planning & Infrastructure’s saw an opportunity to alleviate the existing centre’s congestion problems. The current centre was battling to cope with the customer numbers being generated in the area so they appointed Evoke to assist them in creating a larger more functional & appealing customer service environment.

Having just completed the Rockingham Licensing Centre many of the design solutions for the issues identified form that centre could also be implemented here.
Using the corporate brand colours as a base the Centre was designed with a vibrant aquamarnie colour palette complimented with touches of warm taupe. We used these strong colours to highlight customer landmarks such as the customer information counter, customer writing benches, brochure display walls etc.

We needed to create a service space which would not only make the customers
comfortable but a space that would also ease the stress on the staff members who directly service the public. The staff often felt under pressure as they were the only object the customers could focus on, therefore the key to reducing the constant visual pressure was to create areas of relief which the customers could focus their attention on whilst waiting to be served. Installing high level large format plasma TV’s and placing large format graphical images to various walls locations throughout helped to alleviate the problem and created a visually stimulating space for staff & customers alike.

The brief called for two neighboring tenancies to be combined so that they could function as one definitive environment. The key to making this Centre a success was the careful planning of the floorplan. The staff function and customer traffic patterns were assessed and once the main congestion problems were identified the floorplan was developed with a focus on creating flow and clear customer pathways.