Evoke has enjoyed a relationship with Zurich which has stretched over nearly twenty years. Much of our work was conducted in the heady 80's and early 90's ; reflecting a top-down built environmental model. Our more recent work interpreted Zurich's international accommodation model. Zurich was now after a more egalitarianĀ approach to their firm and fitout. A new relationship formed with Zurich's North Sydney based head office, conducting a broad scale brief focusing on providing a more efficient workplace and brining the firm together on a single floor. The West Perth based Zurich firm project was a finalist nominee in MBA's 2006 awards

Evoke's full refurbishment of the space has created a flowing, intriguing and uplifting work environment. Around 100 staff took part in this two-stage relocation and refurbishment of 860sqm floor space over sixteen weeks on site. For team supervisors and those involved in more contemplative tasks we would provide a small number of private, enclosed work rooms which could be used as ad-hoc retreats for staff counseling, private telephone calls or work which required high levels of uninterrupted concentration. These are created with high acoustic attenuation materials and design with sliding/ folding partitions. The staff amenities including a trendy and spacious new staff cafe with full beverage facilities overlooking Kings Park are whimsical and funky and have...
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