About Evoke

Evoke Interior Design is a boutique, commercial design company with a reputation for creating the type of business interiors which people crave to experience. Places that are not only great for your staff but absolutely concentrated on delighting your customers.

We’re not about following the latest trends, or design for design’s sake; we’re about using our creative talents and know-how as designers to make your premises sizzle. It’s great for business and positively powerful for your bottom-line.

Our talents always produce interiors which are always one-step ahead of fashion. That’s because we’ve been around long enough to watch the trends; monitor the cycles and ensure that your premises investment is as long-lasting as it can be.

Long enough? Well Evoke has been in business for over 20 years and used that experience to cleverly blend the cosmetic part of our work with a rigorous and intelligent, value-for-money project delivery process. We call it C3 – have a look and see how we create scintillating built environments; on brief, on-time and on-budget Read More