Our Approach - C3

We achieve fitout solutions that are completely in tune with our clients’ requirements. Over the many years we've been in practice, we've refined and resolved our processes to a management system which is second to none, we call it C3: We Consult. We Create. We Construct.

Here's a little bit behind the ethos:

We Consult
It may be that you've already thought out exactly how you want your project to turn out; or you might be feeling completely overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin. Our clients come from both ends of this spectrum and all places in between.
We hear you. We meld your influences, drivers and expectations into a design through rigorous and systematic inquiry ensuring your requirements and expectations are fully revealed. We understand what is important to your organisation and how we can best advise you about your premises, including a realistic expectation of cost and time. This is the framework around which a really exciting and lasting design can be built.

We Create
The EVOKE approach doesn't necessarily follow style; when we Create, we define style; a style which is unique for each...
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